Mechanical Thumbs

Our Fixed (Mechanical) Thumb comes with a mounting sole plate that is welded to the Excavator stick. This style thumb has either 2 or 3 working settings, and a closed, pin back setting so it lays flat along the stick while not in use.

  • Standard 2 tine thumbs 9-1/2, 11-1/2 or 13-1/2" wide, depending on the size of the machine it is designed to mount on
  • These thumbs are not excavator make and model specific, but we still require a Tooth Tip Radius measurement to ensure we send you the proper length thumb. Please refer to our take-off sheet icon on the right side of this page above the images
  • This is the most economical thumb option for small size machines
  • Standard color - Black


Mechanical Thumb
Mechanical Thumb (2)

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