Limit of Liability

M. C. Faulkner and Sons, Inc. products including (but not limited to); Thumbs, Buckets, Quick Couplers, Booms, Arms, Arm­ Extensions, Rippers, grapples, Stump Shears, Snow Movers and Rakes are custom attachments, designed and manufactured to our customers specifications. Like all custom attachments, they can apply an increased tipping moment and could have other unknown effects on your machine. These effects can be adverse and in some cases result in damage to your machines mechanical or hydraulic systems including catastrophic failure and/or machine upset.

Due to the wide variety of attachment types, conditions, and applications etc., it is impossible for M. C. Faulkner and Sons, Inc. to functionally test all of its products and develop specific operating procedures and capacity ratings. It is the owner's sole responsibility to test their attachment and determine its capacity, suitability, correct use and to evaluate the need for extra counterweights or other modifications before putting it into service. It is also the owner's sole responsibility to provide specific operating procedures and revised lifting charts for their machine and to ensure compliance with O.S.H.A. and/or any other local regulatory bodies.